Tweetbot 4

Tweetbot 4 is the best mobile Twitter client there is.

For starters, it’s totally elegant in design while still being completely customizable. Out of the box,Tweetbot 4 offers a very clean presentation that most users will appreciate, especially since the app does a fantastic job of knowing what cool Twitter features to integrate into it (e.g. activity feed, built-in Vine player) and what to leave behind (e.g. Moments).

If things aren’t quite to your liking from the get-go, users can also dive deep and change everything from different fonts to what their preferred timeline syncing method is.

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Is it worth it?

Although $4.99 might seem a bit steep for using a free social media platform, one of the things things that has made previous versions of Tweetbot so great is the support that has come from the developers, Tapbots.

Although there hasn’t really been any time to see this new version get any updates, all previous versions of Tweetbot were constantly supported, integrating useful features and fixing problems to make an already sleek app experience even better. Chances are, if you have any hangups about jumping into the app now, you won’t by the time a new update hits.


October 19, 2015

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