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Sea Adventure and Space Exploration!

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Wheely is having trouble with his wheels. big trouble. help him sort out his problems in this unique puzzle game. wheely has great trouble moving about when his wheels are missing or broken. you have to understand, he is a car, and without all four wheels working perfectly, he won’t be going anywhere fast. what was to be a regular fix it up journey turns into something much much more, with time travel thrown in just to make sure it is not a simple task. wheely will be struggling to understand what the frook is going on with all this time paradoxical crap to deal with. click things that need to be clicked, and get wheely safely through each stage of the game. trial and error is the key at times, as bad things will usually happen if you make a mistake. if it all gets too much for you, cheat a little and use the walkthrough to the right. good luck helping wheely, he really needs it right now! done with this?

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October 19, 2015

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